How to apply for postgraduate admissions

It is announced for the information of prospective Applicants (as specified above) and the general public that applications are open for admissions to Grdaduate and Postgraduate Degree Programmes of Study at Njala University for the 2020/2021 Academic Year.


  1. LLB (HONS.) - LE500,000//
  2. POSTGRADUATE - LE600,000//

General Admission Requirements

The basic requirement for admission into a postgraduate programme of Njala University is a degree from a recognized university. Departments may, however, demand additional requirements.


  1. Only results and/or documents provided by applicants at the time of submission of application shall be considered.
  2. Applicants (excluding awaiting results candidates) shall include in their application certified true copies of their results slips and/or certificates of WASSCE or GCE ‘O’ Level and School Leaving Testimonials.
  3. Applicants shall include a certified true copy of their birth certificate or Sworn Declaration of age
  4. Applicants shall include one passport size photograph with a light green background, which must be endorsed
  5. An applicant’s failure to input examination details (i.e. Index number and year of exams) and/ or other relevant information properly online shall deny the applicant admission to a programme of study at the university
  6. Admissions to all programmes of study at the university are transparently administered without any other considerations and/ or solicitations:
    • Any applicant who makes any form of solicitation to any person or group of persons for the purpose of influencing and/or gaining admission into the university does so at his/her own risk.
    • An applicant who makes a false declaration or withholds relevant information may be refused admission. In the case where a student has enrolled, he/she will be withdrawn, and may be prosecuted.
  7. MANDATORY REQUIREMENT: All prospective wishing to gain admission into Njala University for the 2019/2020 Academic year MUST apply via the University online admissions portal at: and complete the application process online. Applicants are to use the Login and Password generated online for this purpose.


Entry Requirements

The basic requirement for admission into a postgraduate programme of Njala University is a degree from a recognized university. Departments may, however, demand additional requirements.

Method of Application

Prospective applicants wishing to gain admission into Njala University for the 2018/2019 Academic Year must download the Application Form online from the Njala University Website: At the top menu, Click ‘Admissions’, then click” Forms and Publications” and select “Undergraduate Application Form” OR select “Graduate Application Form”. (see 2.1 above).

System of Evolution for the 'Taught Master's' Programmes

The Master's degree programmes of Njala University (other than M.Phil) are commonly referred to as' taught 'masters' because students are required to complete a minimum of 30 credit hours of taught course, plus 6 credit hours for dissertations. Each course carried 3 credit hours. Grades are awarded ranging from A (Excellent) to F (Failure). The grade awarded for a course is an aggregate of written examinations and terms papers or other forms of continuous assessment. Grades D, E and F are considered “Reference Grades”. A minimum sessional Grade point Average (GPA) of 3.00 is required for graduation. An incomplete Grade (1) is awarded and treated as a reference grade if a student fails to take a scheduled examination because of illness. In this case, the Head of Department is informed by the Medical Officer on the veracity of the illness.

Examination Guidelines for the Taught Master Programmes

  • Written examinations are held at the end of each semester for the courses taught. Examination papers shall normally be 3 hours duration.
  • Examinations for Reference/Incomplete grades are conducted within four weeks of the publication of results.
  • Each candidate for a resist examination shall pay a fee as prescribed in the schedule above.
  • The Board of the Postgraduate School publishes results after the approval of Senate
  • Lecturers shall submit grades through their Heads of Departments and Deans not later than 3 weeks after the examination. Scripts shall be double marked in accordance with the University regulations governing examinations utilizing the departments recommended marking schemes. All scripts and marking schemes shall be lodged with the head of each department.

Consideration of Grades

At the end of each semester, grades are first reviewed at the department level before being presented for consideration by the Board of the Postgraduate School. Grades approved by the Board are considered “Provisional”, and are subject to review by External Examiners, and approval by Senate.


Every Master candidate is expected to write a dissertation under the guidance of a supervisor. Dissertations should be the original work of the candidate, and may be based on primary or secondary data, or both. The finished work shall be submitted at a data determined by the Board of the Postgraduate School. Candidates unable to meet this deadline shall submit in the following year, and pay 25% of the tuition fee as well as the “other charges”. Each student shall submit to his/her supervisor 6 hardbound copies of the dissertation for distribution as follows:

  1. School of Postgraduate Studies (1 copy);
  2. University Library on each Campus (2 copies);
  3. Candidate's Department (1 copy);
  4. Supervisor (1 copy);
  5. Candidate (1 copy);

Panels of Examiners

  • The Deans and Heads of Departments shall recommend panels of examiners for their programmes to senate through the Board of the Postgraduate School.
  • Following approval by Senate, the Registrar shall formally invite the panels to convene.
  • Panels normally convene for 1 week, depending on the availability of external examiners.
  • The Dean of each School normally chairs the Panel of Examiners (comprising External and Internal Examiners). This is followed by a meeting of the School Board of Examiners.

Procedures for Dealing with Examiners' Report s and Final Grades

  • Deans and Heads of Department shall submit results of examinations to the Board of the Postgraduate School, with copies to the Registry, within three weeks of the examination, but not later than 15th October of each year.
  • School Boards shall consider the report of External Examiners during the 1st Semester (the timetable for this is determined by the Postgraduate School)
  • Deans of Schools shall submit reports of External Examiners and reactions of their Schools to the Executive Committee of Senate (the date for this is determined by the University Registry).

Guidelines for Admission, Registration and Examination- M.Phil & PhD. Degrees

Admission Requirements

The Master of Philosophy (M.Phil) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degrees of Njala University are, essentially, research-based degrees awarded to candidates of outstanding academic and professional standing. Admission into these programmes, therefore, is based on the number of criteria that candidate should meet. These include (but not limited to) the following:
  1. Possession of a first degree of at least 2nd class/division
  2. Possession of postgraduate qualification (PGDE; M.A.; M.Sc.; M.Ed.etc.)
  3. Clear articulation of a research focus to be contained in the Abstract submitted with the application form
  4. Evidence that the candidate is in touch with or has identified a competent supervisor in the University willing to supervise him/her is an advantage.

Scoring Guide

  1. First Degree
    1. 1st Class/Division 1 - 5 points
    2. 2nd Class (Upper division) - 4
    3. 2nd Class (Lower division) - 3
    4. 3rd Class - 2
    5. Pass - 1 point
  2. Postgraduate Qualification
    1. M. Phil (in the case of application for the Ph.D. programme)
    2. 5 points
    3. M.A./M.Sc./M.Ed., etc.-GPA OF 4.2 or above 5
    4. M.A./M.SC./M.Ed., etc- GPA of 3.6-4.19 - 4
    5. M.A./M.Sc./M.Ed., etc-GPA of below 3.6 - 3
    6. Other postgraduate degree
    7. (e.g. double Master's) - 2
    8. PGDE - 1 point
  3. Post –qualification Experience (after 1st Degree ) – 1 point for every year up to a maximum of 5 points
  4. Availability and Quality of Abstract (Abstract [see 1.3 above] should have a clearly stated problem for which empirical data is required to provide answers to; and which is adjudged to have the potential to make an original contribution to Knowledge) – Maximum of 10 points
  5. Evidence of Availability of Supervisor - Yes=1;No=o

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Ph.D.: For admission into the Ph.D. programme, candidates should score a minimum of 15 points, eight (8) of which should be for the Abstract. Preference is given to candidates with an M.Phil degree.
  2. M.Phil: A minimum of 12 points is required for admission into the M.Phil programme, five (5) of which should be for the Abstract.

NOTE: Admission into research degree programmes is discretionary, and based primarily on the availability of supervisors for the specialization applied for. While the University encourages external co-supervisors, there has to be an internal supervisor with the requisite competence to serve as main or lead supervisor. External supervisors shall be adjudged to be persons outside the University who are active in research. Such supervisors shall be subjected to the normal assessment procedures for appointment to senior academic positions in the University.


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